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Upper limb (Arm) injuries/dysfunction

We have dedicated many hours towards treating injuries and dysfunction associated with the upper limb. We have developed a very strong relationship with Specialists and General Practitioners in the Western Cape (including the Specialists who are located within Constantiaberg Medi-clinic) who consistently refer to the practice. We have become well renowned for their management of Pre and Post Operative Upper Limb conditions. We communicate very efficiently with the Surgeons and are able to implement specific protocols and requests (as per the Doctors instructions).


In-patients (Patients in hospital):

We offer a vast number of services to patients in hospital (upon a Doctors referral) including:

Clearing secretions, breathing exercises, preparation for surgery etc. We also have a very strong presence in the Bone Marrow Unit (BMU) and Sunflower Wards within the hospital, assisting patients in their recovery from Chemotherapy.

We assist patients who have become weakened due to illness or a prolonged stay in hospital. This includes assisting patients in reaching a point of being able to mobilize (walk) either independently or with assistance (walking frame, crutches, etc.). This includes patients in the BMU and Sunflower Wards.

Lower back pain (excluding pre/post operative) (including sciatica), neck pain (including whiplash), muscle spasm and/or trigger points (knots) in muscles, injury or pain in any upper limb or lower limb joint, pain or injury sustained to nerves.

Chest treatment as above, Post operative (Ceasar) rehabilitation, cracked nipples, engorged breasts.

Out-patient: (Generalized treatment)

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